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Vertical Sterilizers


Employing side gripping technology, the vertical sterilizer is used to sterilize the inside of the cap on hot-filled containers, utilizing the filled product for the sterilization process. The container is gripped and as it rounds a quarter turn upwards, is re-oriented onto its side where it travels vertically, over a half turn onto its other side and vertically down before a last quarter turn to re-orient it upright and delivered onto an outfeed tabletop conveyor. The vertical sterilizer can be utilized in areas with a high clearance and where floor space is at a premium.



Zero Pressure Product Inverter (ZPPI) Sterilizers


The zero-pressure product inverter (ZPPI), also referred to as a laydown sterilizer, can offer cap sterilization without pressure being applied to the container.  This is particularly beneficial in hot-filling production with plastic containers, as the plastic can become temporarily pliable before the medium is cooled. The ZPPI gently lays down each container, using the hot-filled product to sterilize the cap, and conveys it without additional gripping or upstream product pressure, thus minimizing the chance of container distortion and loss of seal integrity. The ZPPI operates without changeover requirememts and can be configured in a wide range of patterns to suit a variety of production and layout specifications..

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