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Accumulation equipment offers the packager the ability to create an increased supply of product before or after a primary machine. This simulates an increased length of conveyor between primary machines without the same space requirement, and offers a buffer of product should a primary machine malfunction.





Manufactured by Hartness International, Dynac accumulation is offered in both floor-level and spiralling formats, providing First-In-First-Out (FIFO) product handling.



Bi-directional tables


Bi-directional tables offer localized accumulation as mass storage on a wide conveyor which can unload containers off the path of production and then re-introduce the diverted containers by reversing the direction of bi-directional table’s conveyor.



Flow-thru tables


Flow through tables allow product to bulk out onto a wider conveyor than its infeed or outfeed conveyor width. While limited by speed and container style due to pressure combining on its outfeed, the flow-thru table accommodates a dynamic accumulation by allowing product flow to widen and narrow as required.

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