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Our Services


Pacific Packaging Systems Inc. is proud to offer a complete range of services to help clients reach their goals. From concept to commissioning, PPSI provides step by step requirements for a complete and successful project

Conceptual Design


PPSI opens a discussion with the customer to develop a full understanding of needs, goals, limits and expectations regarding the customer’s direction and possible projects. That information is taken and applied to the physical restrictions of the facility in order to create an initial layout for discussion purposes. From this initial layout, the customer can obtain a better understanding of how the concept of the project meshes together with the technical necessities of product handling. This invites further discussion to define preferences, previously unseen options and limitations, as well as the prioritization of goals and project phases before a concise project is defined.


CAD design


PPSI utilizes AutoCAD for equipment as well as project layout and design. Information for the customer can be then presented in CAD or PDF formats. PPSI can work with the customer’s existing CAD files or audit facilities to create new layouts of existing equipment and production lines.


Vendor Product Analysis


PPSI provides comprehensive information on vendor equipment, including advantages and disadvantages as it pertains to specific customer applications. This allows the customer to properly understand equipment recommendations and consider returns on investment.


Equipment Acquisition


PPSI enhances the procedure of new, used and refurbished equipment purchase including expanded searches and comparisons of similarly available machines or components, and their relative benefits to the customer’s application.


Line Integration


PPSI provides services in engineering, installation, controls and commissioning for the integration of components, equipment or complete packaging lines into the customer’s existing manufacturing concept. Key points considered in this service are cost effectiveness, minimized disruption of existing processes, and utilization of available resources.


Project Management


PPSI plans the customer’s project in any or all aspects of management, from start to finish or specified portions. Project scopes allow PPSI to be clear of responsibilities within a project, and allow the customer to plan peripheral requirements with certainty. Project management responsibilities can include logistics, time management, quality control, document control, communication management, progress reporting, financial management and integration management.


Factory Acceptance Testing


PPSI works with the customer to define the requirements of vendor machinery. With a comprehensive list of performance goals, as well as quality, safety and aesthetic standards, we attend the manufacturing facility to ensure all goals are achieved and standards are met or exceeded.




PPSI provides complete industrial controls for packaging handling to work hand in hand with machine centers. This allows for component integration into the complete packaging line for maximized control. Utilizing plant standards, industry trends and the latest technology, Our experience in hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components and control systems permits the design of the correct system for the customer’s application.




PPSI provides professional installation teams for both mechanical and electrical project requirements with industry specific expertise. Additionally, we offer support for customer supplied crews in a variety of methods under project management.




PPSI provides or coordinates commissioning for lines and components on mechanical and electrical projects, ensuring that vendor equipment and integrated components meet or exceed specification and the customer’s project requirements.

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